When to Use Urgent Care for a Foot Problem

Many days I’ll see a patient who is sent to me for follow up from an urgent care facility. These patients are often already established patients of mine but went to urgent care because their injury or concern happened outside of my business hours.

Many of these foot conditions could have waited until normal business hours to be seen.

I’m mostly referring to non-emergent situations like a sprain, something dropped on the foot, jamming the foot into an object, or anything that doesn’t resemble an infection.

I’m telling you this because it could save you time and money.

An urgent care visit for a foot concern is almost always followed by a visit to a podiatrist.

Unless you’re concerned about an infection or diabetic situation, most foot injuries could be treated with rest and ice until our office is open.

I always keep an appointment or two open in my schedule for a same day visit.

This same day philosophy for urgent visits also applies to your loved ones and friends.

If you think you might have an infection, and it is outside of business hours, please don’t wait… especially if it occurs on the weekend.

But for anything else, call my office if you or a loved one needs an urgent same-day appointment at 928-774-4825

Dr. Rosales

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