Walking on a Broken Bones ?

Did you know it’s possible to walk on a broken foot or ankle?

I’ve had many injured patients come in saying, “I must not have broken a bone because I can walk on my foot.”

I’m not sure where that thought process came from.

Walking on a broken bone in your foot or ankle is usually quite painful, but it doesn’t prohibit you from putting weight on it.

Here’s the thing…

Finding out if there is a broken bone is the critical first step.

Not only that, it’s just as important to know if a broken bone has shifted. The medical term for this is displaced.

Treating an injured foot that is broken is different than treating one that isn’t.

I’ve had patients come in many months after an injury who were walking on a broken foot.

They couldn’t understand why they were still in pain.

A simple x-ray will show us whether or not there is a broken bone.

If you injure your foot or have been walking on a foot that was injured, the best thing you can do is come in for an x-ray.

The sooner a broken bone is appropriately treated, the lesser the chance that surgery will be required to repair it.

If you hear someone say, “I injured my foot but I can walk on it, so it must not be broken,” you can tell them that’s simply not true.

It’s usually easy to heal a broken bone as long as it isn’t displaced.

Helping my patients to heal an injured foot and return to normal activities is one of the things I enjoy about my work.

Please let me know how my team and I can serve you.

To healthy feet,
Dr. Rosales

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