Pesky 2nd Toe

If you are experiencing pain on the ball of your foot, you may have a very common condition we see every day.

The culprit is often the 2nd toe where it connects to the foot. It’s definitely not obvious to the untrained eye, but quite obvious to our experienced eye.

Without getting too technical, there’s a phenomenon that happens to the 2nd toe in some women over 40.

The ball of the foot becomes painful and you may feel like you’re walking on a ball.

The most important step in successfully eliminating the pain is accurately diagnosing the condition. It could be something as simple as inflammation or as complex as a torn ligament.

In any case, the condition is fixable.
A simple inflammation of the foot can turn into a tear or joint deformity if not treated early enough.
We are here to help guide you to the fastest and easiest remedies.

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To Healthy Feet,
Dr. Rosales

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