Pain in the Arch of the Foot can be a Real Bear to Get Rid Of

Ignoring it for too long can lead to long-term pain. Oftentimes, arch pain is a strain of the plantar fascia. It can occur if you have normal arches, flat feet, or high arches.

Most people who experience arch pain don’t recall an injury. The pain usually occurs without any warning.

Three things you can do at home for arch pain are stretching your calf muscles, avoiding going barefoot, and avoiding weight-bearing exercise.

Letting this condition linger can lead to a tear of the plantar fascia. If your pain increases and occurs throughout the day, there’s a possibility that a small tear has happened.

As is often the case with foot conditions, people who consult with us early in the onset of arch pain typically get relief faster. Many people purchase new shoes and try store-bought arch supports, but this rarely helps.

Reading this will hopefully help you to avoid falling into that trap.

If you have had pain in your arch(es) for more than a month, your best solution is to have us assess it to find the fastest path to relief.

Pain In the Arch

Pain In the Arch