Build it and they will come

You might remember this famous line from the movie “Field of Dreams.”

Another famous line from that movie was “Go the Distance.”

Going the distance when it comes to eliminating toenail fungus is imperative.

What we mean is making sure the nail or nails are 100% clear before declaring a victory against this pesky germ.

We’ve often heard patients say that when they were treated elsewhere for toenail fungus, they noticed improvement, but not 100%.

Don’t kill the messenger, but completely solving most nails of fungus takes 9-12 months. Ugh!

Some doctors prescribe 3 months of medication expecting it to be enough.

No offense to them, but that protocol never works.

Knowing the expectation sometimes is half the battle.

Not only time an important factor but also the specific method(s) of attacking this stubborn germ.

You see, fungus loves the environment of our feet, including the skin, our shoes, as well as the nails.

Treating the skin with an anti-fungal cream for as long as we’re treating the nails dramatically increases the chances of success.

Also, using an anti-fungal spray in the shoes after a full day of use helps matters as well.

As far as the nails themselves are concerned, this is where the battle gets tougher.

Although topical products help, there isn’t one on the market that leads to 100% resolution.


Laser therapy has proven to be effective in some cases as well.

Not that it’s for everybody, but oral medication has been the “Gold Standard” treatment for many cases of toenail fungus.

But here’s the thing…

We are all unique individuals, therefore, what’s good for you depends on a number of factors.

Not all toenail fungus situations are created equal.

It’s essential for us to customize a plan exclusive to your circumstances to get your nails back to health.

No matter what the plan is, one of the key factors is “Going the Distance.”

Having normal clear nails is possible for many with a customized plan that goes the distance.

Our team is here to serve you.

To Healthy Feet,

Dr. Rosales